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Lab: Low Power Design and Embedded Systems

Lab: Low Power Design and Embedded Systems
type: Praktikum (P) links:
semester: WS 16/17

Bldg. 07.21
Room AU-12


13.02.2017 - 17.02.2017

lecturer: Jorge Castro-Godínez
Prof.Dr.Ing. Jörg Henkel
SWS: 2
lv-no.: 24120

Course of Studies: Informatik Diplom/Bachelor/Master, Informationswirtschaft Diplom/Bachelor

Note: The lab is given as a full week block at the end of the semester.

Language: Englisch.

Description: Nowadays, power consumption is the most important criterion in the design of on-chip applications. Other design constraints, such as performance, were dominant in the past, but now it is imperative to optimize the power consumption, due it is a limiting factor. In fact, the power consumption has brought out many changes in the last decade: the fact that today we have multi-core chips instead of single core chips, is a direct result of the increase of power consumption. Power consumption is not only a matter of hardware, but also the software and the operating system decisively determine it. Therefore, this internship is indispensable for all who deal with on-chip systems at hardware, software and operating system level.

Several techniques for power consumption reduction and the design under thermal conditions (thermal camera is available) are treated in the internship. Techniques at software, hardware and operating system are used, and state-of-the-art multi-core platforms will be investigated.

Preliminary discussion appointment: it will be announced via email to all registrants.

Application: via registration form.