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Non-Volatile Memory Architectures

Non-Volatile Memory Architectures
type: Proseminar / Seminar (PS/S) links:
semester: WS 19/20
lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Henkel
Paul Richard Genßler
Dr.-Ing. Hussam Amrouch
SWS: 2
lv-no.: 2400328

The era of DRAM and Flash memory is soon coming to an end. Emerging technologies like STT-MRAM, FeRAM or Intel's 3D XPoint are making constant progress. They combine main memory characteristics like durability and speed with storage class's non-volatility and high density. This will revolutionize the memory hierarchy and enable new ways to handle data, from a small IoT device all the way up to large high performance cloud systems.

In this seminar, we will analyze numerous challenges on the way to a new memory architecture. Will there still be a memory hierarchy? If so, what will it look like? How can different technologies complement each other? What will a file system for a one-memory-architecture look like? Which new applications are possible? How does it affect security?

To investigate those and other questions, we will analyze state-of-the-art research and cutting edge technologies. A few topics are provided, but you are welcome to propose a relevant topic of your choice.


The focus of the seminar is on non-volatile emergeing memory technologies like like STT-MRAM, FeRAM or Intel's 3D XPoint.