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Volker Wenzel

Dipl.-Phys. Volker Wenzel

phone: +49 721 608-48926
fax: +49 721 608-43962
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Address:   Haid-und-Neu-Str. 7
Building 07.21, Room B2-315.2
76131 Karlsruhe
PGP-ID: E1256B3D


Invasic C1




Santiago Pagani, Lars Bauer, Qingqing Chen, Elisabeth Glocker, Frank Hannig, Andreas Herkersdorf, Heba Khdr, Anuj Pathania, Ulf Schlichtmann, Doris Schmitt-Landsiedel, Mark Sagi, Éricles Sousa, Philipp Wagner, Volker Wenzel, Thomas Wild, and Jörg Henkel
Dark silicon management: an integrated and coordinated cross-layer approach
it - Information Technology
Bauer, L.; Henkel, J.; Herkersdorf, A.; Kochte, M.A.; Kühn, J.M.; Rosenstiel, W.; Schweizer, T.; Wallentowitz, S.; Wenzel, V.; Wild, T.; Wunderlich, H-J.; Zhang, H.
Adaptive multi-layer techniques for increased system dependability
it - Information Technology
Volume 57, Issue 3, Pages 149–158, June 2015
Amrouch, H.; van Santen, V.; Ebi, T.; Wenzel,V.; Henkel, J.
Towards Interdependencies of Aging Mechanisms
IEEE/ACM 33rd International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD)
San Jose, CA, USA, Nov 2014
Wallentowitz, S.; Rösch, S.; Wild, T.; Herkersdorf, A.; Wenzel,V.; Henkel, J.
Dependable Task and Communication Migration in Tiled Manycore System-on-Chip
Forum on specification & Design Languages 2014 (FDL14)
Munich, Germany. Oct 14-16, 2014
Bauss, B.; Büscher, V.; Degele, R.; Ji, W.; Moritz, S.; Reiss, A.; Schäfer, U.; Simioni, E.; Tapprogge, S.; Wenzel, V.
An FPGA based Topological Processor prototype for the ATLAS Level-1 Trigger upgrade
Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics 2012 (TWEPP12)
2012 JINST 7 C12007
Oxford, UK. Sep 17-21, 2012

Supervised Student Theses

Name Type of work Title Supervisor Completion date
Tchouante Kembe, Nick NewillMaster thesisConstraint Solving in Invasic ComputingPathania, Anuj / Wenzel, Volker2017-06-09
Spirer, EugenBachelor thesisRessourcenentdeckungsstrategie für das InvasIC iRTSSWenzel, Volker2017-05-10
Röckel, AlexanderStudent research projectMigration of Agents in the InvasIC iRTSS Bauer, Lars / Wenzel, Volker2017-04-10
Quadt, ThorstenStudent research projectDevelopment of a Distributed Agent System for Manycore Resource Allocation with Lock-free Data Structures Bauer, Lars / Wenzel, Volker2016-12-09
Weber, AlexBachelor thesisDevelopment of a Graphical User Interface for the InvasIC iRTSSWenzel, Volker / Pathania, Anuj2016-11-11
Koutou Moluh, Philippe BertrandtBachelor thesisAnalyse der Selbstadaptivität eines System-Level Simulators für die agentenbasierte Multicore-RessourcenallokationWenzel, Volker2016-10-26
Pepinghege, Felix FereydunMaster thesisImproving the Constraint System of the InvasIC iRTSSWenzel, Volker2016-10-10
Fellner, NikoBachelor thesisImproving Application Support of the InvasIC iRTSSWenzel, Volker2016-05-11
Köpper, JonasBachelor thesisVisualization of a Multi-Agent System in Invasive ComputingWenzel, Volker / Pathania, Anuj2016-03-31
Oppermann, PhilippBachelor thesisDevelopment of a simulation for the agent-based thermal management of multi-core processorsWenzel, Volker2016-03-01
Moldovan, MihaiBachelor thesisMalleability Support for the InvasIC runtime support systemWenzel, Volker2015-11-07
Flohr, PhilipBachelor thesisAgent-based system management with quality guaranteesWenzel, Volker2015-06-09