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On-chip Memory Aging Analyzer and Video Processing Tool



YASAV is a GUI-based tool for fast analysis and visualization of SRAM based memory aging. The customization is done for YUV videos to realize use cases for image/video processing applications. This tool accepts SRAM scratchpad memory configuration and user parameters (like test data sets, required aging years etc.) and provides aging estimates in terms of Static Noise Margin (the metric of SRAM aging estimation) and in-depth duty cycle analysis. This tool also supports automatic visualization of aging results in form of heatmaps, box plots and histograms.

It can also be used as a standalone tool for visualizing YUV 4:2:0p video files.



In case of usage, please refer to our DAC'15 paper:

M. Shafique, M. U. K. Khan, Orcun Tuefek and J. Henkel, "EnAAM: Energy-Efficient Anti-Aging for On-Chip Video Memories", in Design Automation Conference (DAC), San Francisco, CA, 2015.



  • Visualization of SRAM memory aging via boxplots, histograms and heatmaps
  • Saving the statistics of SRAM memory aging via different aging balancing circuits
  • Playback of raw, 8-bit, YUV 420p videos
  • Zoom & Pan functionality
  • Saving frames in bmp, jpg or png format


Main Contributors

  1. Orcun Tuefek
  2. Muhammad Usman Karim Khan
  3. Muhammad Shafique
  4. Jörg Henkel


Software Guide

Please read this file.