Software-Entwicklung (PSE) - ITEC Prof. Henkel

Modular Multimedia Framework to Test Video Encoding

Description: Creating specifications including usage scenarios - object-oriented design together with detailed specifications, implementation in an object-oriented language, functional tests and coverage tests, usage of software development tools (e.g. Eclipse, UML, Java, Junit, Jcov) - presentation of the final system.


Language: English (German clarification/support available, if needed).


Information: The topic is to develop a multimedia framework for the evaluation of video encoders. By this, we understand a program consisting of several modules, that handle the creation of image sequences, and modules, that can modify image sequences (e.g. color filters, noise, blur, ...). The resulting image sequences generated by a combination of different modules will then be encoded with a (preexisting, e.g. H.264) video encoder. The next step of this task is to analyze and compare the distortions on encoded image sequences and search potential methods to improve the encoder.


The resulting tool could be used, e.g., to check the quality of video encoders and to find a good trade off of energy usage (in terms of computational effort) and image quality, as it is desirable in embedded systems.


The goal of this task is to carry out a complete software development project as a software engineering team with 5 members. In particular software design, quality assurance procedures, implementation and teamwork will be practiced.


Prerequisites: Informatik 1, Programmieren, Softwaretechnik 1, Linear Algebra 1.