Security in Internet of Things (IoT)


Welcome to the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), where millions of devices connect together in almost all aspect of our daily live, including our homes, offices, cars and even our bodies, from TVs, fridges and cars to health monitors and wearables. As a matter of fact, IoT is growing very fast and spreads very quickly. According to ARM, it is expected that the number of IoT devices will exceed 25 billion by 2020.
New applications and software always present new security threats; because it is developed very quickly and the developers cannot expect all threats, and it may need a decade to make these systems secure. For the IoT devices, these threats may have serious effects on our life; since Internet threats today can steal credit cards, disable home security systems, personal data, webcam con-trol and even more.
Unfortunately, there is no “silver bullet” that can effectively mitigate every possible cyber threat. And these will open the needs for improving the proposed security found in IoT domain to keep malicious activity off and to cover person-al privacy, financial transactions, and the threat of cyber theft to make IoT not only reliable but also safer.


After this seminar, the students will be able to illustrate the cyber threats and malicious activities that might found in IoT applications domain which can affect personal privacy, financial transactions or even more and to investigate all the possible solutions to mitigate these threats not only to make IoT reliable but also safer.