Chair for Embedded Systems

Dependability in Internet of Things

The summer semester 2020 at KIT will start with online teaching. Please check the ILIAS courses for more details.

Maintaining dependability is one of the major challenges when designing a circuit. Aging changes the properties of the circuit over time, radiation can introduce charges at any point in time in any location within the circuit and semiconductor manufacturing is unable to maintain tight tolerances.
In the advent of Internet-of-Things (IoT) this challenge is exacerbated. Ultra-low power devices, manufactured at low cost and potentially operated in harsh environments (e.g. industrial applications) increase the difficulty of designing dependable circuits. The constraints in term of low power and low cost make most techniques (e.g. robust materials, mitigation techniques, redundant design) impossible and new more efficient techniques must be found.
In this seminar you will learn about the challenges which are faced, i.e. the aging phenomena, radiation and impact of manufacturing variability, as well as potential solutions to overcome these challenges.
As dependability is a multi-domain problem, the topic can involve reliability physics, circuit hardening, optimizing micro-architectures of processors and software. Therefore your topic can be customized regardless if your background is physics, electrical engineering, mathematics or computer science and if you have previous knowledge in the area of dependability or not.