Chair for Embedded Systems

Machine Learning on On-Chip Systems

The summer semester 2020 at KIT will start with online teaching. Please check the ILIAS courses for more details.

Machine learning and on-chip systems form a symbiosis where each research area benefits from advances in the other. In this seminar, students review cutting-edge research on both areas.

Machine learning (ML) gains importance in all aspects of information systems. From high-level algorithms like image recognition to lower-level intelligent CPU management - ML is ubiquitous. On-chip systems also benefit from advances in ML techniques. Examples include adaptive resource management or workload prediction. However, ML techniques also benefit from advances in on-chip systems. A prominent example is acceleration of neural networks in recent desktop GPUs and even smartphone chips.

In this seminar, students will review cutting-edge state-of-the-art research (publications) to a specific topic related to ML on on-chip systems. The findings will be summarized in a seminar report and presented to the other members of the course. Students are welcome to suggest own topics, but this is not required. The seminar can be held in English or German.