Chair for Embedded Systems

Non-Volatile Memory Architectures

The summer semester 2020 at KIT will start with online teaching. Please check the ILIAS courses for more details.

The focus of the seminar is on the architecture of systems featuring non-volatile emerging memory technologies like STT-MRAM, FeRAM or Intel's 3D XPoint.

The era of DRAM and Flash memory is soon coming to an end. Emerging technologies like STT-MRAM, FeRAM or Intel's 3D XPoint are making constant progress. They combine main memory characteristics like durability and speed with storage class's non-volatility and high density. This will revolutionize the memory hierarchy and enable new ways to handle data, from a small IoT device all the way up to large high performance cloud systems.

In this seminar, we will analyze numerous challenges on the way to a new memory architecture. Will there still be a memory hierarchy? If so, what will it look like? How can different technologies complement each other? What will a file system for a one-memory-architecture look like? Which new applications are possible? How does it affect security?

To investigate those and other questions, we will analyze state-of-the-art research and cutting edge technologies. A few topics are provided, but you are welcome to propose a relevant topic of your choice.