Praktikum: Software-Entwicklung (PSE) Topic 2 - ITEC Prof. Henkel

Description: Creating specifications including usage scenarios - object-oriented design together with detailed specifications, implementation in an object-oriented language, functional tests and coverage tests, usage of software development tools (e.g. Eclipse, UML, Java, Junit, Jcov) - presentation of the final system.

Language: English (German clarification/support available, if needed).

Information: Where is my stuff?
Using small electronic devices, we can track our objects for a while. But currently they have limitations. Existing trackers are typically Bluetooth based low-power IoT devices, that can work with a small battery for a long time. However they are limited with working distance and as they measure the signal strength, they can only report the distance, not direction or location.

Alternatively GPS trackers with dedicated SIM card or long distance communication protocols can be used for object tracking. These trackers require significant hardware resources (GPS, SIM card). Although they can find the accurate location, typically they have high power consumption andlimited battery life.

This project combines the properties of the two without their limitations. It will be low power consumption using low-power Bluetooth trackers and it will be able to locate the objects accurately using a mobile phone.
It will consist of 2 components:
1) The database: The users will be able to register their low-energy Bluetooth trackers on the database and enable it to search anytime (optional).
2) A mobile app that has a copy of the database and uploads its location whenever it encounters any Bluetooth tracker.

The mobile app will be used as a traveling sink node for the wireless network of Bluetooth trackers. This way, the crowd (via the mobile app) will help locating the missing objects.

Prerequisites: Informatik 1, Programmieren, Softwaretechnik 1, Linear Algebra 1.

Suggestion: Participants also have chance to take IoT lab and design the Bluetooth tracker (not mandatory).