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M.Sc. Jorge Castro-Godínez

room: B2-317.1
phone: +49 721-608-48780
fax: +49 721-608-43962
jorge castro-godinezRou6∂kit edu

Haid-und-Neu-Str. 7
Bldg. 07.21
76131 Karlsruhe

Short Bio

Jorge Castro-Godínez receveid his engineer degree ("Licenciatura") in Electronics Engineering and M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering (major on Embedded Systems) from the Costa Rica Institute of Technology. Currently, he is a scientist and PhD student at the Chair for Embedded Systems, Institute of Computer Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Jörg Henkel.

Prior, Jorge worked as Embedded Systems Engineer at Canam Technology Inc. (http://www.canam-technology.com/) (2010-2012), and as a Lecturer at the Electronics Engineering School, Costa Rica Institute of Technology (2012-2014), where took part of a industry-joint research and development project between the Signal and Image Processing Lab and Bounce Imaging (http://bounceimaging.com/).



  • Jorge Castro-Godínez, Sven Esser, Muhammad Shafique, Santiago Pagani, Jörg Henkel
    Compiler-Driven Error Analysis for Designing Approximate Accelerators
    in IEEE/ACM 21th Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE’18), Dresden, Germany, March 19-23, 2008, PDF


  • Jorge Castro-Godínez, Jörg Henkel
    Error Propagation Estimation on Approximate Designs with Compiler-Driven Support
    in 3rd. Workshop on Approximate Computing (AxC 18), Special Session, Bremen, Germany, May 31 - June 1, 2018

Available Theses

Abbreviation: D - Diploma Thesis, M - Master Thesis, S - Student Work, B - Bachelor Thesis.

TopicType of workMentor
Approximation Advisor Tool ( PDF )B / MAlan, Tanfer / Castro-Godínez, Jorge

Ongoing projects

NameType of
Barrantes, HumbertoInternshipGeneration and Synthesis of Approximate CircuitsCastro-Godínez, Jorge
Luis, LeonBachelor thesisApproximate Machine Learning ClassifiersCastro-Godínez, Jorge
Mateus Vargas, JulianMaster thesisHLS for approximate hardware acceleratorsCastro-Godínez, Jorge
Monestel, DavidBachelor thesisApproximate Execution on CGRACastro-Godínez, Jorge
Monestel, DavidInternshipOptimizing the Implementation of Error-Resilient ApplicationsCastro-Godínez, Jorge
Moya, DanielBachelor thesisAssisted-Design of Approximate Applications for Custom Computing SystemsCastro-Godínez, Jorge
Solano, FabianInternshipQuality Control for Approximate AcceleratorsCastro-Godínez, Jorge

Finished projects

Name Type of work TitelMentor Completion date
Moya, DanielInternshipASIP for Approximate ComputingCastro-Godínez, Jorge2018-06-22
Solano, BraulioBachelor thesisExploring error resilience on ADAS applicationsCastro-Godínez, Jorge2018-02-16
Osorio, PabloBachelor thesisDevelopment of a multi-core and multi-accelerator platform for approximate computingCastro-Godínez, Jorge2017-11-27
Cruz, JuanBachelor thesisCharacterization and calendarization of error resilient applicationsCastro-Godínez, Jorge2017-11-21
Hernandez, DeykelBachelor thesisDevelopment of a tool to generate approximate arithmetic circuitsCastro-Godínez, Jorge2017-06-12
Esser, SvenMaster thesisFehleranalyse und Entwurfsraumuntersuchung für die High-Level Synthese von approximierten BeschleunigernCastro-Godínez, Jorge2017-05-14
Dhola, BhavinMaster thesisApproximate hardware accelerationShafique, Muhammad / Castro-Godínez, Jorge 2017-02-03
Käser, Michael JoachimBachelor thesisLight-weight error prediction at runtime in approximate computingCastro-Godínez, Jorge2016-10-31