Chair for Embedded Systems
Former Research Staff
Name Affiliation PhD defense
PostDoc, National University of Singapore (NUS) 16.05.2018
ARM, UK 24.11.2016
Bell Labs, Stuttgart 21.12.2015
IBM, Böblingen 21.12.2015
Assistant Professor, TU Vienna 15.07.2015
PostDoc, TU Dresden 06.02.2015
Embedded Software Engineer, Sauter, Basel 08.07.2014
CitiGroup, London 13.02.2014
Assistant Professor, UFPel, Brazil 25.09.2012
Professor, TU Vienna 31.01.2011
Intel, Munich  
ARM, Trondheim 19.01.2010
Assistant Professor, UC Irvine, USA 22.07.2009
Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah, AE 18.06.2009
Master / Diplomarbeit students
Balaskas, Konstantinos Approximate Computing Amrouch, Hussam / Zervakis, Georgios
Gonzalez, Tomas Exploiting an NPU for Approximations On-demand Castro-Godínez, Jorge
Neumeister, Felix Neuronal network acceleration for a prosthetic hand with a Zynq SoC Bauer, Lars
Schillinger, Linda The Impact of Self-Heating on Circuits van Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam


Bachelor / Studienarbeit students
Castillo, Andres Integrating CGRAs to a RISC-V processor Castro-Godínez, Jorge
List, Leon Felix Improved Aging Modeling for Circuit Reliability Evaluations van Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam


Student assistants / Hiwis / Internship
Amer, Ahmed Improving the i-Core SW and HW Prototype Bauer, Lars
Drehwald, Manuel Distributed Machine Learning with Resource Constraints Rapp, Martin
Fernengel, Natascha Impact of Advanced and Emerging Technology on Power Amrouch, Hussam
Krohmer, Nikita Accelerated Online Machine Learning Rapp, Martin
Ma, Ruoheng RISC-V based NVM Emulator Genßler, Paul / Bauer, Lars
Roman Ballesteros, Isai Deep Neural Network Amrouch, Hussam / Zervakis, Georgios
Thomann, Simon Circuit Reliability in Emerging Technologies Amrouch, Hussam