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Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Kobbe



Promotion date: 11.05.2015
Topic: Scalable and Distributed Resource Management for Many-Core Systems

Short Bio

Sebastian Kobbe received his Diploma Degree (M.Sc.) in computer sciences from the University of Karlsruhe (TH) , Germany in October 2008. Since then, he is pursuing his PhD at the Chair for Embedded Systems (CES) , KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology under the advice from Prof. Dr. Jörg Henkel .


Research Interests

  • ManyCore System-on-Chips
  • Distributed Decision Making
  • Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
  • Embedded Systems


Diplomarbeiten / Studienarbeiten

  • offene Angebote
    • Rund um das Thema Manycore/Ressourcenverwaltung / etc. immer irgend etwas verfügbar, einfach mal vorbei kommen.. :-)
    • Was wir so machen? Fancy GIF [20mb!]

  • laufende Arbeiten
    • Studienarbeit, 2013, Christian Sünkenberg:
      Intra-Application Scheduling für Manycore System mit verteiltem Speicher und "run to completion" Semantik
  • abgeschlossene Arbeiten
    • Diplomarbeit, 31.5.2013, Julian Dobrinkat:
      Simulative Design Space Exploration of Resource Management Approaches for Many-Core Systems
    • Studienarbeit, 12.2.2013, Roman Klöpfer:
      Taskgraph basiertes Anwendungsmodell mit heuristischer Erkennung von charakteristischen Anwendungsphasen
    • Bachelor Thesis, 14.9.2012, Florian Tobias Schandinat:
      Distributed Resource Management on a On-Chip Many-Core System Demonstration Platform
    • Diplomarbeit, 31.5.2012, Dennis Pahl:
      Distributed Resource Management on the Intel Single-Chip Cloud Computer
    • Diplomarbeit, 12.12.2011, Yuanyuan Song:
      Hardware Emulation Platform for Future On-Chip Many-Core Systems
    • Studienarbeit, 30.9.2011, Jean Paul Tsague:
      Untersuchung von optimalen Schedules für variabel parallele Anwendungen

Publications / Conferences

Heisswolf J., Zaib A., Zwinkau A., Kobbe S., Weichslgartner A., Teich J., Henkel J., Snelting G., Herkersdorf A., Becker J.
CAP: Communication Aware Programming
51th ACM/EDA/IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC`14)
2014 51th ACM / EDAC / IEEE, 2014
Jahn J., Pagani S., Kobbe S., Chen J., Henkel J.
Optimizations for Configuring and Mapping Software Pipelines in Many Core
50th ACM/EDA/IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC`13)
Austin, TX, USA, June 2 - 6, 2013
Jahn J., Kobbe S., Pagani S., Chen J.J. and Henkel J.
Work in Progress: Malleable Software Pipelines for Efficient Many-core System Utilization
MARC Symposium at ONERA'2012 (MARC ONERA 2012) 
Toulouse, France, July 2012
Henkel J., Herkersdorf A., Bauer L., Wild T., Hübner M., Pujari R.K., Grudnitsky A., Heisswolf J., Zaib A., Vogel B., Lari V., Kobbe S.
Invasive Manycore Architectures
17th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC'12)  
Sydney, Australia, January/February 2012
Kobbe, S., Bauer, L., Lohmann, D., Schröder-Preikschat, W., Henkel, J.
DistRM: Distributed Resource Management for On-Chip Many-Core Systems
IEEE International Conference on Hardware-Software Codesign and System Synthesis (CODES+ISSS'11)
Taipei, Taiwan, October, 2011.