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van Santen

Dipl.-Inform. Victor van Santen

room: 315.4
phone: +49 721 608-48926
fax: +49 721 608-43962
victor santenNjw8∂kit edu

Haid-und-Neu-Str. 7
Bldg. 07.21
76131 Karlsruhe

Short Bio

Victor van Santen received the Dipl. Inform. (M.Sc.) degree in computer science in 2014 at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), where he is also currently pursuing his Ph.D at the Chair for Embedded Systems (CES). He is an IEEE Member. His research topics include microprocessor reliability estimation, circuit and transistor simulation, failure analysis and reliability estimation with a special interest in aging phenomena.




  • Victor M. van Santen, Javier Martin-Martinez, Hussam Amrouch, Montserrat Nafria, Jörg Henkel
    Reliability in Super- and Near-Threshold Computing: A Unified Model of RTN, BTI and PV
    in in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers (TCAS-I), 2017
  • Hussam Amrouch, Victor M. van Santen, Jörg Henkel
    Interdependencies of Degradation Effects and their Impact on Computing
    in IEEE Design & Test (accepted).



  • Hussam Amrouch, Victor van Santen and Jörg Henkel
    Estimating and Optimizing BTI Aging Effects: From Physics to CAD (Special Session)
    in IEEE/ACM 37th International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD), San Diego, CA, November 5-8, 2018.
  • Victor M. van Santen, Hussam Amrouch and Jörg Henkel
    Reliability Estimations of Large Circuits in Massively-Parallel GPU-SPICE (special session)
    in 24th IEEE International Symposium on On-Line Testing and Robust System Design (IOLTS), Costa Brava, Spain, July 2-4, 2018
  • Victor M. van Santen, Javier Diaz-Fortuny, Hussam Amrouch, Javier Martin-Martinez,Rosana Rodriguez, Rafael Castro-Lopez, Elisenda Roca, Francisco V. Fernandez, Jörg Henkel and Montserrat Nafria
    Weighted Time Lag Plot Defect Parameter Extraction and GPU-based BTI Modeling for BTI Variability
    in IEEE 55th International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), San Francisco , CA, USA,  March 11-15, 2018
  • Hussam Amrouch, Subrat Mishra, Victor M. van Santen, Souvik Mahapatra, Jörg Henkel
    Impact of BTI on Dynamic and Static Power: From the Physical to Circuit Level
    in IEEE 55th International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), Monterey, CA, USA, April 2-6, 2017.
  • Victor M. van Santen, Hussam Amrouch, Javier Martin-Martinez, Montserrat Nafria, Jörg Henkel
    Designing Guardbands for Instantaneous Aging Effects
    in ACM/EDAC/IEEE 53rd Design Automation Conference (DAC), Austin, TX, USA, June 5-9, 2016.
  • Victor M. van Santen, Hussam Amrouch, Narendra Parihar, Souvik Mahapatra, Jörg Henkel
    Aging-Aware Voltage Scaling
    in IEEE/ACM 19th Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE'16), Dresden, Germany, March 14-18, 2016.
  • Hussam Amrouch, Javier Martin-Martinez, Victor M. van Santen, Miquel Moras, Rosana Rodriguez, Montserrat Nafria, Jörg Henkel
    Connecting the Physical and Application Level Towards Grasping Aging Effects
    in IEEE 53rd International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), Monterey, CA, USA, April 19-23, 2015.
  • Hussam Amrouch, Victor M. van Santen, Thomas Ebi, Volker Wenzel, Jörg Henkel
    Towards Interdependencies of Aging Mechanisms
    in IEEE/ACM 33rd International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD), San Jose, CA, USA, November, 2014.



  • Victor M. van Santen, Hussam Amrouch, Jörg Henkel
    Modeling Short and Long-term Effects of Aging from the Defect to Application Level (invited presentation)
    in Workshop on System-to-Silicon Performance Modeling and Analysis at the ACM/EDAC/IEEE 53rd Design Automation Conference (DAC).




Student Theses

Ongoing projects

NameType of
Banscher, FlorianBachelor thesisEvaluating Self-Heating Effectsvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam
Joe, JerinInternshipDependable HardwareAmrouch, Hussam / van Santen, Victor
Meinschaefer, MichaelBachelor thesisSelf-Heating Effects in Circuit Simulationsvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam
Schneider, NathanaelBachelor thesisHigh Performance Circuit Simulationsvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam
Walner, AlbertMaster thesisHigh Performance Circuit Simulationsvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam

Finished projects

Nr.NameType of workTitelMentorCompletion date
17Hamada, IslamBachelor thesisHigh Performance Circuit Simulationsvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam2018-08-24
16Klemme, FlorianMaster thesisReliability Analysisvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam2018-05-14
15Mishra, SubratInternshipDependable HardwareAmrouch, Hussam / van Santen, Victor2017-12-31
14Diep, Fu Lam FlorianDiploma thesisHigh Performance Reliability Estimation of Circuits with CUDAvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam2017-09-30
13Roether, SebastianDiploma thesisA Novel Approach to Standard Cell Simulation in SPICE using Equivalence Classesvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam2017-09-30
12Brinkmann, SvenDiploma thesisFast, yet Accurate BTI Variability Evaluation at the Physical and Device Levelsvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam2017-07-06
11Bücher, TimBachelor thesisMeasuring Aging-induced Degradation in MicroprocessorsAmrouch, Hussam / van Santen, Victor2017-05-09
10Milev, DimitarMaster thesisGPU-based Implementation for State-of-the-Art MOSFET Compact ModellingAmrouch, Hussam / van Santen, Victor2017-05-08
9Naqvi, Syed Mohsin AliMaster thesisCircuits ReliabilityAmrouch, Hussam / van Santen, Victor2016-10-01
8Rostek, Daniela JacintaStudent research projectGraphical User Interface for Reliability Estimation Toolvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam 2016-09-30
7Aazmi, AbdellatifInternshipEvaluating Aging in CircuitsAmrouch, Hussam / van Santen, Victor2016-08-31
6Eisele, Max CamilloBachelor thesisFast, yet Accurate Implementation for Advanced Reliability ModelingAmrouch, Hussam / van Santen, Victor2016-08-11
5Skinder, MichaelMaster thesisEvaluating the Mutual Influence between the Application and Physical Level on ReliabilityAmrouch, Hussam / van Santen, Victor2016-03-07
4List, ChristianDiploma thesisEvaluating the Impact of Applications on Simulating Aging EffectsAmrouch, Hussam / van Santen, Victor2016-03-07
3Bhat, RajeshInternshipCUDA Programming for Rapid Reliability EstimationsAmrouch, Hussam / van Santen, Victor2016-02-29
2Aqqad, RamiMaster thesisOpenCL Programming for Circuits ReliabilityAmrouch, Hussam / van Santen, Victor2015-12-01
1Khaleghi, BehnamInternshipReliability of SRAM Cells under different Physical PhenomenaAmrouch, Hussam / van Santen, Victor2014-09-30

Available theses

Abbreviation: D - Diploma Thesis, M - Master Thesis, S - Student Work, B - Bachelor Thesis.

TopicType of workMentor
Degradation Effects in Microprocessors ( PDF )M/Bvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam
Reliability of Electrical Circuits ( PDF )M/Bvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam
OpenCL/CUDA Programing for Reliability Analysis ( PDF )M/Bvan Santen, Victor / Amrouch, Hussam