Dr.-Ing. Artjom Grudnitsky

  • Scientist

    Promotion date: 21.12.2015
    Topic: A Reconfigurable Processor for Heterogeneous Multi-Core Architectures


  • Invasive Computing (TRR 89)  - a new parallel computing approach. Resource-aware applications may "invade" additional hardware resources and run in a highly parallel manner, before "retreating" and making the resources available again. My work is on the subproject Adaptive Application-Specific Invasive Microarchitectures . The whole project runs in cooperation between the KIT, the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and the Technische Universität München.




Thesis - Master / Diploma / Bachelor / Studienarbeit

  • Matthias Blankertz - Studienarbeit - Finished
    Exploration of reconfigurable accelerators on the Zynq architecture
  • Tobias Modschiedler - Studienarbeit - Finished
    Upgrading an off-the-shelf coffee machine with RFID-based access control
  • Martin Riedlberger - Diplomarbeit - Finished
    Entwicklung des rekonfigurierbaren Prozessors i-Core auf Basis des LEON3 Systems
  • David Hellmeister - Diploma Thesis - Finished
    Entwicklung eines parallelen Laufzeitsystems zur dynamischen Rekonfiguration des i-Core Prozessors
  • Tobias Modschiedler - Diploma Thesis - Finished
    Erweiterung der LEON3-CPU um einen Permutationsregistersatz zum beschleunigten Abbau der SSA-Zwischendarstellung
  • Marc Typke - Bachelor Thesis - Finished
    Achieving behavioral Accuracy on a reconfigurable Processor Simulator