IEEE Design&Test Vol. 33, Issue 4

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    Special Issue on Implantable Medical Devices
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    IEEE Explorer

  • Date: July/August
Design & Test

Volume 33, Issue 4 (July/August 2016)

Special Issue on "Implantable Medical Devices"
Tutorial on "Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems: A Tutorial Introduction" (Free Access)
Perspectives by Marilyn Wolf, on "Ultralow Power and the New Era of Not-So-VLSI" (Free Access)

July/August 2016 Content

From the EIC
Designing and Testing Implantable Medical Devices
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Implantable Medical Devices
Guest Editors' Introduction: Implantable Medical Devices
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Advances in Scalable Implantable Systems for Neurostimulation Using Networked ASICs
  Neurostimulation is a known method for restoring lost functions to neurologically impaired patients. This article presents a ... read more.
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Multichannel Wireless Neural Recording AFE Architectures: Analysis, Modeling, and Tradeoffs
  This paper presents theoretical analyses of three analog-to-digital-conversion-based and one analog-to-time-conversion-based ... read more.
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In Vitro Long-Term Performance Evaluation and Improvement in the Response Time of CMOS-Based Implantable Glucose Sensors
  This article confirmed that the sensor retains its measurement capability for more than 150 days in a saline solution. In addition, ... read more.
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Pulse-Width-Modulating Biosignal ADC for Rapid ASIC Design and IP Core Reuse
  This paper presents an integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC) based on pulse-width modulation (PWM) employing a clocked comparator ... read more.
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A Multichannel Power-Supply-Modulated Microstimulator With Energy Recycling
  This paper presents an energy recycling power-supply-modulated multichannel microstimulator with energy recycling. To improve ... read more.
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General Interest Papers
Model-Based Optimization of Individualized Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy
  Deep learning has become a major topic of interest as systems grow increasingly complex. This paper presents a survey ... read more.
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Controlling Aging in Timing-Critical Paths
  Circuits wear out (age) over time, especially with shrinking feature sizes. This article focuses on an aging mechanism ... read more.
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Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems: A Tutorial Introduction
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Ultralow Power and the New Era of Not-So-VLSI
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Recap of the 2016 DATE Conference & Exhibition
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The Intestinal Superhighway
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