Prof. Farshad Khorrami

TALK: Cyber-Security: Analog Side Channels of Embedded Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Speaker:
    Prof. Farshad Khorrami

    NYU Tandon School of Engineering, USA

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  • Date: June 6th, 2017, 10:00am

This talk will address some of our prior and on-going efforts on various security aspects of analog side channels of embedded cyber-physical systems (CPS). Modern CPS are complex interconnections of heterogeneous hardware and software components. With increasing complexity, connectivity, and programmability of embedded CPS devices, the potential cyber-attack surface has also been increasing making the study of related cyber-security issues highly relevant and timely. In particular, analog side channels are especially interesting from both attack (e.g., exploiting these side channels as an attack mechanism such as for information leakage) and defense viewpoints (e.g., utilizing these side channels for real-time monitoring). In this context, process-aware information leakage utilizing acoustic side channels from CPS instrumentation without impacting process stability and performance will be discussed. Thermal side channel monitoring of CPS devices leveraging their typical periodic code structures will also be discussed. Both the algorithmic techniques and hardware implementation aspects will be presented in the talk. The implementation of a Hardware-In-The-Loop (HITL) CPS testbed for study of cyber-security of embedded CPS devices will also be presented.

Biographical Sketch:
Farshad Khorrami received his Bachelors degrees in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering in 1982 and 1984 respectively from The Ohio State University. He also received his Master's degree in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 1984 and 1988 from The Ohio State University. Dr. Khorrami is currently a professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at NYU where he joined as an assistant professor in Sept. 1988. His research interests include adaptive and nonlinear controls, robotics and automation,  control systems and CPS security, embedded systems security, unmanned vehicles (fixed-wing and rotary wing aircrafts as well as underwater vehicles and surface ships), smart structures, large-scale systems and decentralized control, smart grid security, and microprocessor based control and instrumentation. Prof. Khorrami has published more than 250 refereed journal and conference papers in these areas. His book on "modeling and adaptive nonlinear control of electric motors" was published by Springer Verlag in 2003. He also has fourteen U.S. patents on novel smart micro-positioners and actuators, control systems, cyber security, and wireless sensors and actuators. He has developed and directed the Control/Robotics Research Laboratory at Polytechnic Univrsity (Now NYU).  His research has been supported by the Army Research Office, National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, DARPA, Sandia National Laboratory, Army Research Laboratory, NASA, Boeing, and several corporations. Prof. Khorrami has served as general chair and conference organizing committee member of several international conferences.