DVS scheduling for various processor models and task types

  • Speaker:
    Prof. Minming Li

    City University of Hongkong

  • Location:


  • Date: July 3rd, 2013, 10:00am

Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) techniques provides the capability for processors to adjust the speed when executing jobs. Energy consumption can thus be saved through wise scheduling. In this talk, I will summarize the works we have done in this field in the last several years. On the one hand, we study different processor models like the ideal model where the speed of the processors can change to any value instantly, the discrete model where the possible speeds are given as input, the accelerate model where the processor can only gradually change its speed and the memory model where the processor is equipped with a memory hierarchy together with the network DVS model. On the other hand, besides studying general independent jobs, we also study different types of tasks like jobs with agreeable deadlines, jobs with multiple active intervals and jobs with memory operations.

Short Bio:
Minming Li is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong. He received his Ph. D. and B.E. degree in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University in 2006 and 2002 respectively. His research interests include algorithm design and analysis in wireless networks and embedded systems, combinatorial optimization and algorithmic game theory.


Photos from the talk (click to enlarge):