IEEE Design&Test Vol. 37, Issue 1

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    Embedded Intelligence in the Internet-of-Things
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    IEEE Explorer

  • Date: January/February
Design & Test

Volume 37, Issue 1 (January/February)

Special Issue on "Embedded Intelligence in the Internet-of-Things"
Keynote by Massoud Pedram, Luhao Wang "Energy Efficiency in 5G Cellular Network Systems"
General Interest Paper by Xiaoming Chen, Suman Datta, Xiaobo Sharon Hu, Matthew Jerry, Ann Franchesca Laguna, Kai Ni, Michael T. Niemier, Dayane Reis, Xiaoyu Sun, Panni Wang, Xunzhao Yin, and Shimeng Yu "The Impact of Ferroelectric FETs on Digital and Analog Circuits and Architectures"

January/February 2020 Content

From the EIC
Embedded Intelligence in the Internet-of-Things
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Special Issue on Embedded Intelligence in the Internet-of-Things
Guest Editors’ Introduction: Embedded Intelligence in the Internet-of-Things
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Embedded Intelligence in the Internet-of-Things
  With widespread use of IoT devices in our daily life, it is imperative to incorporate analysis and decision-making capabilities in these devices. This article describes the application and technology trends leading to embedded intelligence in the IoT.
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Efficient Associative Search in Brain-Inspired Hyperdimensional Computing
  This article describes a method for efficient hypervector operations using a grouping strategy for reduced computations. Quantization is used for reducing the number of multiplications, whereas caching of magnitude is used for eliminating redundant more.
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Fune: An FPGA Tuning Framework for CNN Acceleration
  This work has the goal of minimizing digital neural network computation energy consumption with little loss in accuracy. The authors describe a Dynamic Network Surgery based approach to network pruning, after which weights are incrementally selected for approximate multiplication. read more.
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Survey of Automotive Controller Area Network Intrusion Detection Systems
  This article describes methodologies and tools for the customization of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) using fine-grained reconfiguration of FPGAs. Tuning uses dynamic programming to identify reconfiguration opportunities as well as a search algorithm for configurations. read more
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Tanji: a General-purpose Neural Network Accelerator with Unified Crossbar Architecture
  The authors describe a neural network accelerator based on crossbar interconnect. The crossbar provides a uniform architectural mechanism to handle different communication patterns for convolutional, fully connected, and recurrent layers as well as off-chip communication. read more
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Keynote Paper
Energy Efficiency in 5G Cellular Network Systems
  Fifth-generation (5G) cellular network will significantly enhance the amount of mobile data traffic. This article presents various resource allocation and power management problems in 5G cellular networks. It highlights multiple techniques that maximize the energy efficiency while meeting performance and QoS requirements. read more
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General Interest Paper
The Impact of Ferroelectric FETs on Digital and Analog Circuits and Architectures
  Semiconductor industry is steadily on the quest for emerging devices and device technologies that lead to higher performance and higher efficiency of computing over CMOS technology. This tutorial introduces the potential of emerging devices that integrate ferroelectric material into digital as well as analog circuits. With a focus on FeFET technology, the authors first present device characteristics, and advantages in comparison to CMOS but also other emerging technologies such as RRAM. The article comprehensivelydemonstrates the use of FeFET technology in circuits, architectures, and applications.
ESWEEK 2019 Conference Report
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The Last Byte: Big Data, Big Faults
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