IEEE Design&Test Vol. 35, Issue 4

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    Special Issue on Time-Critical Systems Design Part II
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    IEEE Explorer

  • Date: July/August
Design & Test

Volume 35, Issue 4 (July/August)

Special Issue on "Time- Critical Systems Design Part II"
General Interest Paper by Hari Mohan Gaur, Ashutosh Kumar Singh, and Umesh Ghanekar, "Testable Design of Reversible Circuits Using Parity Preserving Gates"
General Interest Paper by Sana Mazahir, Osman Hasan, and Muhammad Shafique, "Adaptive Approximate Computing in Arithmetic Datapaths"
Conference Report by Madsen and Ayse K. Coskun " Report on DATE 2018 in Dresden, Germany"

July/August 2018 Content

From the EIC
Time- Critical Systems Design Part II
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Time- Critical Systems Design Part II
Guest Editors’ Introduction
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Safe and Efficient Deployment of Data-Parallelizable Applications on Many-Core Platforms: Theory and Practice
  This article proposes runtime adaptation of data-parallelizable applications on many-core platforms to improve the system performance while still meeting the timing deadlines. read more
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Exploiting Execution Dynamics in Timing Analysis Using Job Sequences
  Performance verification for real-time systems is based on system models for which it is possible to formally derive safe timing parameters such as worst case response times read more
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Enabling Rapid Construction of Arrival Curves From Execution Traces
  This paper presents an integrated workflow for design-for-test and test signal generation of mixed-signal circuits. read more.
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Testing Real-Time Systems With Runtime Enforcement
  This paper enables the testing of real-time systems through runtime enforcement that can realize different test scenarios with specific internal timed behaviors read more
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Control-Quality-Driven Design of Embedded Control Systems with Stability Guarantees
  This article presents a guideline for designing high-quality, stable control systems on shared platforms with complex timing interference among the control tasks. read more
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Heterogeneous MPSoCs for Mixed-Criticality Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
  This article presents the challenges and the opportunities in designing mixed-criticality systems with heterogeneous Multiple-Processor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) architectures. read more
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General Interest Papers
Optimization of a Dual-Band Wireless Power and Data Telemetry System Using Genetic Algorithm
  Inductively coupled coils are commonly used in implanted biomedical electronic devices for wireless power and data transmission. read more
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Composable Battery Model Templates Based on Manufacturers’ Data
  This paper presents a composition flow to model a battery based on the manufacturer's data. read more
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Report on DATE 2018 in Dresden, Germany
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The Joy of Scheduling
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