Software Campus Award for Jeferson Gonzalez

  • Location:

    Software Campus
    Software Campus at KIT
    Software Campus Next Generation 2023

  • Date: 12.09.2023
  • Software Campus is a joint initiative of the German government, industry and research organizations. It's aim is to educate talented students for higher management positions in ICT companies. All participants are granted small projects that integrate research topics with high profile workshops and executive mentoring.


    Description of the project VERITAS: Verification and Enforcement of Run-time Integrity on Emerging Computing Systems
    This research project aims to propose efficient and non-intrusive mechanisms for ensuring code execution and data integrity in modern interconnected computing systems. By leveraging previously unconsidered features such as the device's dynamic behavior, the project aims to design and evaluate run-time integrity enforcement schemes that can verify the integrity of the devices while preserving privacy and not significantly impacting system performance. This new run-time approach for integrity verification could allow for new dynamic enforcement of countermeasures in various emerging computing systems such as Cloud, IoT, and Edge Computing devices. Industry partner: Huawei (Huawei Technologies Düsseldorf GmbH)