Software Campus Award for Hassan Nassar

  • Location:

    Software Campus
    Software Campus at KIT
    Software Campus Next Generation 2023

  • Date: 12.09.2023
  • Software Campus is a joint initiative of the German government, industry and research organizations. It's aim is to educate talented students for higher management positions in ICT companies. All participants are granted small projects that integrate research topics with high profile workshops and executive mentoring.


    Description of the project Homomorphic Encryption as a Post Quantum Cryptography Solution for establishing Client-Server Trust in Cloud Systems
    The project runs for two years from Jan 2024 till December 2025. Project Partner is DATEV
    In this project, we address privacy and security concerns in cloud systems through Hardware-Accelerated Homomorphic Encryption (HE) which allows processing of data while encrypted and is post quantum secure. The project intends to develop a client-server framework utilizing FPGA-based hardware accelerators and high bandwidth memory on the server side and lightweight cryptography modules and Post-CMOS ML-Modeling-Resistant PUFs for implementing a smaller Root of Trust (RoT), at least 10x less, on the client side. The goal is to improve the performance of HE algorithms, at least 100x faster.