PSE: Bibliography Manager

Scientific researchers often use bibliography tools (e.g., Mendeley) to organize their local library of read papers and access them easily when needed. However, these tools do not enforce any structure/template to follow in order to enrich your library. Instead, they only give you the possibility to enter the abstract, a summary, unstructured notes or tags. Although this approach offers the users a high level of flexibility at input-time, searching through this semi-/non- stuctured information database becomes very tricky. Moreover, these tools do not even allow you to share your read papers with your colleagues. Isn't that unfortunate? You know what these solutions lack, it is now up to you to develop this bibliography manager every reasearcher is dreaming about. Allow them to better organize their readings, let them better collaborate with their colleagues, give them a powerful search tool, and you never know, you might have disrupted the market of bibliography software.