Scholar Profile Analyzer

In this project, you have to develop software that can analyze the research scholar's profile in visual and textual form. The software can have multiple options, such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • Search and retrieve an author/researcher by name and/or id. Allows users to select among the list of retrieved profiles.
  • Select more than one author and compare their profile in terms of citation, publication count, etc.
  • Suggest relevant researchers in your domain
  • Show the profile: list of paper co-authors, citations, indexes, etc. (similar to google scholar). Sort papers by citations, self-citation, year, or by conference/journal rankings
  • Advanced paper filtering: by co-authors, keywords, words in the title, citations
  • Statistics and graphs (below period is a range of years): Such as (i) Papers per publication venue, (ii) compare the metrics of more than one author, etc.